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Low Self Esteem & Confidence
Finding your
Life Purpose
Anxiety & Overwhelm
Feeling Stuck & Unmotivated

Life Coaching is all about helping individuals get from their current position to a position they desire in the future. It's a similar process to alchemy whereby basic materials are turned into gold, silver and other metals using heat and pressure.  When we're not in our drivers seat we can feel overwhelming pressure to perform and get stuck in our habitual behaviours. Many people can feel incapacitated by challenging circumstances rather than recognizing the opportunity to transform themselves into something rare, unique and valuable. 

Life Coaching enables you to reframe your experiences by using the principles of alchemy and achieving goals through challenging life changes.  Sustainable long term success in life rests in your capacity to be an alchemist and use any challenge to evolve and flourish. I offer a Complimentary Discovery Call so we can get to know each other and talk about how coaching can improve your life and wellbeing. Then if you're new to coaching you can test the waters and book a single session or buy a package of sessions... my services are flexible and are all customized for each of my clients.

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Fear of Failure
Challenges of Motherhood
Life Changing Events

By taking full responsibility for our lives, decisions and reactions we can foster lasting proactive change. 

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