The Empowered Woman Program

This 6 week program is especially designed to support & empower women undergoing a transformational life change, including marriage separation, new career and relationship conflict. to gain clarity, direction and  a renewed sense of confidence. Building inner strength, courage and resilience are integral to clear outcomes in a time that can often be tumultuous and chaotic. 

It is the perfect opportunity to release any behavioral patterns that are keeping you in fear and the passenger seat of your life, and embrace the opportunity that your newfound freedom will provide you.


This program is perfect if you are:
1) Anxious about your future independence
2) Worrying about how you will overcome the fear of the unknown
3) Feel like you're all alone in during this life changing event
4) Overwhelmed by negative emotions and negative thoughts
5) Overcome by guilt, shame and fear of change
6) Are unable to talk to your friends/family about your pain authentically


Your customized Empowered Woman Program will give you:
1) Practical Strategies to manage your daily life and future goals 
2) Resilience to overcome self doubt and fear
3) Increase in your self confidence to lead your new life
4) Clarity on how to control your emotional responses
5) Empowering Communication methods to engage with your ex partner
6) Using NLP strategies clear limiting beliefs and barriers to growth
7) Get back into the Drivers seat of your life
8) Conflict resolution tools to reduce anger, frustration and miscommunication

The Program is run over 12 weeks with sessions scheduled each fortnight. you will have 6 sessions in total,  each session 90min in length. Sessions and can be conducted in person at my Northbridge office or over Zoom. You will also receive the comprehensive Building Resilience During Separation Guide & Workbook that are your roadmap to a more empowered, resilient and confident self.

BONUS 1: You will also have access to Stacey for a 15min Zoom Catch up call in between sessions to receive support and feedback on your progress.

BONUS 2: You will have access to the Private FB Group Resilient Women Rise where you have the opportunity to connect with other women walking the journey of marriage separation.

To find out more about The Empowered Woman Program please call me on 0410 448 614

or book in your FREE 1:1 Discovery Call Below

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    45 min

  • Designed for Women who are undergoing transformational life changes

    1 hr 30 min

    1,200 Australian dollars

By taking full responsibility for our lives, decisions and reactions we can foster lasting proactive change. 

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