Great Girls - Teen Confidence Program

This incredible 6 week program is designed to upflift, inspire and educate Teen girls on how to flip their challenges into opportunities. All teenage girls are exposed to negative and unrealistic images of what the "perfect" life looks like. Self Image, health, relationships, friendships, school and family all play vital roles in determining self worth and confidence.


Great Girls is a fun, motivating and inspiring program focusing on building resilience of character, self-esteem and resilience skills that all teen girls need in their toolkit


This program is perfect if your teen girl is:

1) struggling with being honest and authentic

2) Fear change and get anxious with uncertainty

3) fearful of people at school who are intimidating/bullying them

4) Have difficulty trusting parents/teachers

5) think that they have no strengths

6) struggle with communicating their feelings/emotions

7) feel like no one understands them

8) Have difficulty in understanding peer pressure obstacles


Teens who have successfully completed the Program feel:
1) Clear in their core natural strengths

2) Can learn from past challenges and turn them into opportunities

3) see change as a growth opportunity

4) have the tools to make clear responsible decisions

5) Know how to respond to unwanted external behaviors

6) Have the tools to troubleshoot ideas/options in unpredictable situations

7) know who to go to for support with an issue

8) Understand their emotional triggers

9) Increased confidence and can face challenges as opportunities to be courageous

The Great Girl Program is run over 12 weeks with sessions scheduled each fortnight. Your daughter will have 6 x 1:1 60min sessions in total. Sessions and can be conducted in person at my Northbridge office or over Zoom. You will also receive the comprehensive Great Girls - Six Steps top Confidence Guide & Workbook that are your daughter's roadmap to a more empowered, resilient and confident self.


BONUS 1: Your daughter will also have access to Stacey for a 15min Zoom Catch up call in between sessions to receive support required.


BONUS 2: You will receive a complimentary 60min 1:1 Coaching Session with Stacey to help you better communicate and understand your teen's journey and opportunities.

To find out more about the Great Girls Program please call me on 0410 448 614

or book in your FREE 1:1 Discovery Call Below

By taking full responsibility for our lives, decisions and reactions we can foster lasting proactive change. 

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