What does Perspicacity mean?

Okay so if you have already heard or are familiar with the word Perspicacity then you're probably an English literature genius. I only stumbled across this tongue twisting term a few days ago when I was magnetized to a gorgeous artwork in a quaint design studio while waiting for my car to be serviced. The most detailed and striking blue water colour artwork spoke to me and the owl in the piece followed me throughout the store until I paused again to admire it's beauty. The simplicity of the

blue and white colours took me back to my Greek Odyssey of 2015 where Santorini captured my imagination and heart. If you've visited this magical destination you know exactly the feeling I mean.

The owl pictured also tugged at my heart chords as it instinctively reminded me of my paternal grandmother, my Yiayia Stavroula. She used to chant the sounds "Buffu" when we'd ask her to do the owl sound. She has a fascination with making us laugh at her when she mimicked the hooting sound, with her own twist.

I could feel her stoic presence in this image and knew it was coming back to live with me. I hung it in my kitchen so she could see me cooking her recipes and keep her memory alive through nurturing my family. So it was a feel good purchase that made me reminisce about her strength, independence and courage.

Then curiosity got the better of me and I put my glasses on, to obviously see clearly - 2020 has not gifted me 20/20 vision, and I noticed in very faint pencil the word 'Perspicacity' written under the image. I thought I didn’t read it right as I had never heard of this work before but intuitively knew it was symbolic.

So Google it I did, and the answer was crystal clear, Perspicacity "is a penetrating discernment - a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight.” The owl knew this by nature, my Yiayia knew this by experience and now I knew this by curiosity. I hope you have been enriched by this word's meaning as well. How fitting that its landed in my kitchen, through my love of my Alpha Woman Yiayia and highlighted to me that I thrive on my clarity of vision, my Perspicacity.

The gift that enables me the innate understanding of my life and the lives of others, thank you artistic talent Tara Winona for naming your owl Perspicacity, I applaud your skills of wordsmithery.

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